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About BetrSpot

Our vision is to make a world where space can be shared better.

BetrSpot's concept was born from the frustration we all equally feel waiting without options in crowded areas for first come-first served spaces to be released. Everyone's spot hunted for a table with a plug in that crowded café. We all have patiently stood by for bar stools on game day at that packed bar to open up. We all know the value that perfect aisle seat on the train has during rush hour. We all want the optimal movie seat on opening night. We also recognize the value spots in front of long lines for product launches, concert tickets or movie openings have. Simply put: we all spot-hunt daily very consciously, competing with others for space.

What options do we have though? For most, outside of that one lucky, physical moment of being the closest to a spot at the time of its release, we are left parsing opportunities only with our eyes, observing others' signs of impending departure so we can move in for the kill. That is all about to change. BetrSpot looks to be the tool you've always needed in situations where space has value. Once you've used it to obtain a spot or post one and make a few dollars, like us, you'll be hooked.

For Spot Posters

  • How many times have you looked around in a crowded venue and said to yourself or your friends: "Wow, are we in a GREAT spot. Seriously! Look how many people around us would kill to take this spot from us."
  • How many lines do we all stand in day-to-day or wait in for special events? More than you'd realize. No longer do you have to wonder what that line spot may be worth to someone else would gladly replace you or your party.
  • Spot posting is the process of broadcasting one's willingness to release occupancy of a first come-first served spot. BetrSpot's spot trading marketplace lets two consenting parties trade and exchange "micro real estate." Micro real estate is space one does not own but is allowed to use and leave at will or by your own accord.

For Spot Bidders

  • How many times, have you said, "I've got a few extra bucks, but I don't have a spot." Wonder no more. Grab that phone and put out a Spot Request.
  • Late? Or just somewhere that's temporarily oversold or at capacity? It doesn't matter if it's a café in the morning or a bar at night, or a train during rush hour. We all jockey for space with others. BetrSpot is now THE ADVANTAGE you have to get that spot someone may be leaving before others do.

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